Sylvie Samani

Former Ambassador of the Luxury Ship -The World of Residensea, Sylvie Samani is a highly experienced GIA Certified Gemologist, Art Expert and Cultural Advisor.

She offers a purist form of classical tradition but also has a proven capacity for visionary innovation in life, business, art and culture. She also takes into consideration cultural traditions and emerging preferences as part of her intuitive compass. To emphasise some of her capabilities, Sylvie regularly produces imaginative concepts in a holistic spectrum of product design and marketing strategies. In 1994, she drew on her free spirited mind and designed, branded and launched her own private label into the US market. The Sylvie Samani label of evening wear and accessories was distributed in selected high end stores and some department stores. This included Giorgio Beverly Hills & Neiman Marcus.

In 2008, Sylvie developed and presented a concept based on nanotechnologies to Qatar. The objective was to modernise while anticipating future change of unstable, mixed or vulnerable media, as the main pattern of an interactive museum project , in key countries, before the first smart phone came on the market.The concept of the Art Science Museum was designed to be the first of its kind in the world. Having a High Tech Interactive Art Science Museum complemented with unique Research, Electronic Learning and Trading facilities under one roof was achieving a long term dream and commitment. A comprehensive report on advanced cognitive technologies was authored by Sylvie. Only the global museum concept is featured on line.

This world of the classic riches of nature and human expression has been an exciting professional journey and a lifetime labour for Sylvie. This was just a natural evolution as Sylvie is the daughter of the renowned dealer and judiciary expert E. Samani.

Sylvie started her formal education by attending the Honourable French Preparatory School Hypokhagne-Khagne. This led Sylvie to apply to Oxford University where she was admitted to Exeter College to pursue her studies in English, Irish literature and Drama.

Besides being a certified Gemologist from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), she also graduated from the leading Art School of the Louvre Museum with a first class diplome d'Etudes Supérieures. She concluded the Muséologie year of the Art school of the Louvre Museum with a thesis on Old Masters reuse of canvas and wood support, detectable with scientific tools. The thesis was acknowledged and accepted. Sylvie became talented in spectral analysis techniques of exposure, conservation and restoration of Art. As part of this growing experience, Sylvie has been conducting research on variable stress generating migration of pigments, bindings and coatings, leading to change, degradation and aging mechanisms of works of Art. Her condition reports investigate whether the physical integrity of the work has been altered or not after restoration.

Using her imagination, Sylvie has created a learning platform based on her personal notebooks. This section is an aggregated summary of written condition reports together with scientific reports that were produced during past valuations by Sylvie. This valuable resource leads to the concept of the Art Science Museum, mentioned above.

Sylvie started her career at the drawings department of Sotheby's New York in charge of research and development.

Setting standards in China, Sylvie was appointed Honorary Vice-President of the Gem & Jewellery Committee affiliated to the Chinese Cultural and Trade Commission in 2008, in acknowledgement of her active involvement and achievement in a state project. Sylvie Samani provided visionary, innovative and applicable regulatory solutions for a state commission in China. This integrated value chain and set of standards met the requirements of the Shanghai Diamond Stock Exchange and the Chinese Quality and Inspection National Commission for the domestic rough and cut incremental diamond market (The business model is not featured on line).

In addition to having a proven track record in Art and Gemology, Sylvie has been the Managing Director and marketing director in Luxury Jewellery retail and digital business. Her assignments in the luxury trade involved to turn around and stop sales decline, prior to the sale of company shares or the final shut down of the concept stores or digital company, while preserving the geographical anchorage of the brand and maintaining a team culture. She advocated key actions meeting an aggressive timeframe, such as : To revise product quality standards & criteria of selection, become less dependent on forced sales & promotions, get out and avoid the vicious circle of discounting and instead become a market opener; although she tested transitional products in order to implement revenue streams, she was careful to differentiate random product acquisitions from preordered & agreed merchandise.In 2000 Sylvie managed an internet trading platform in London, introducing for the first time on the web, jewellery and precious items worth over £1 Million. By embedding a B to C (business to consumer) site labelled " pure" within the B to B former site, she captured a new market segment and strenghened the core business.
In 2003 Sylvie introduced new faceted fancy cut quality diamonds, with tailored settings and with issued certificates together with South Sea pearls into a French chain department store.

Her sought after assignments, include to imagine and launch challenge driven concepts targeting high end consumers in preferred competitive markets (luxury, precious goods,couture,art) and in certain cases, adapt existing concepts.
The abstracts featured in the website aim to provide a compressed knowledge as well as insights on how she revises and tunes assessment and valuation.

Sylvie's expertise and vision have been featured in the following media:

•  Publishing on Art and luxury lifestyle since 1996.
•  Published a Novel -Une femme aimée -2007
•  Published Digital Short Stories - The flaking of convictions – 2013 - A narrative plot story involving a collector and his works of Art, leading to their mutual interaction and degradation. Over six episodes involving paintings, books, drawings, manuscripts, furniture and clocks are featured on line, with a deliberate sequential mode.
•   Fractals – 2014

Sylvie wrote the first Digital Art book titled Une Beauté recomposée - 2012.

She is currently compiling and writing the first corpus on Abdallah Akar's works.

The spirit of this book deciphers spatial relations, progression & mastery in Abdallah Akar’s contemporary calligraphy, towards the conception of a new form of imagery close to abstraction.The book will present the inception of a coherent system based on inner geometric topology and derivations performing combinatorial variations.The emphasis is put on the metamorphosis of an elaborate visual construction introducing regulated intricacies. The analysis features a detailed cartography of devices and spatial codification over a large spectrum of support featuring canvases, paper, wood sculptures, metal, glass and terracota as well as fabrics of various kind.
Over 150 major works in public collections among which the Guggenheim Abu Dhabi & private hands, are illustrating the evolution of an iconic creation.

Sylvie Samani

Created a Unique Investment Fund

Sylvie created a “Best Valuable Assets” investment fund. This unique fund invests in precious metals, ore deposits, refineries and recycling, rough and cut diamond, precious stones, art masterpieces, top pieces, and contemporary emerging artists. One innovative idea is for the fund to become a reference index. Such an index would be a valuable marketing feature for any museum.

Structured optimized ART/BVA shelter & opportunity investment strategies resisting to speculative moves and currency pressures with risk assessment and a selection process of eligible assets based on : uniqueness, strategic position in the portfolio, floor value for Art & stones, level of cashability, level of market demand and complexity of assets (combination of high visibility components).

The full report of forecasts and asset allocation models is not featured on line.

Authenticating Classic Works of Art

Sylvie has conducted many onsite observation and analysis exercises comparing the scientific report with the actual work of art. In this regard Sylvie completed research on Leonardo da Vinci disputed version of The Virgin of the Rocks which was exhibited in 2005 at the Vatican. The Virgin of the Rocks supported by Sylvie’s main conclusions was later presented for acquisition to the Louvre Abu Dhabi. The research of over hundred pages was aimed to single out the hand of the master from his workshop (studio) taking into account the degree of restorations made, correlated to the sister versions of the Louvre and the National Gallery. Further conducted research on Da Vinci is not featured on line.

Setting Standards of Analysis and Verification of Art

The sheer complexity of analysing and debating multiple quality versions produced on a large scale by painters, required Sylvie to generate a 300 pages first study on multiple originals of a same theme. She set clear definable standards and designed the required analysis tools. Sylvie introduced a new classification distinguishing between originals and workshops replicas, targeting to reveal the presumed matrix of a repeated painting duplicated by the master himself under his direction or not. Only the English summary is featured on line, based on recent developments, together with the former key chapters in French.

Authentication and Valuations of Art and precious objects

Sylvie conducted valuations on works of Art set with precious stones involving various foreign diplomatic gifts introducing composite techniques. In that context, she contested the former attribution given to the Regal Diamond Cup from King Farouk’s former collection in a 60 pages report (only five pages are featured on line).
Sylvie conducted an assessment of private collections presenting attributed Faberge imperial eggs (over ten pages are featured on line).

Valuing Art Décor and Castles

Sylvie conducted in 2012, five comprehensive reports based on the assessment of ornamental features of a private collection of renowned French castles. These reports enhance the artistic value given to an estate with a rich high historical profile.
Sylvie authored the first ever comprehensive report of 30 pages ever written that is focused on the Hoffbauer Artigny ceiling revealing its pictorial distinctive features and observed restorations. (The full report is featured on line in French).

Smart Art City

Sylvie designed a Smart Art City concept in 2015, for the Republic of South Sudan to federate the ethnical groups and tribes of Sudan including a national reconciliation and remembrance museum (Project not featured on line).The Smart city was conceived to unite the ethnical groups and tribes of Sudan recognizing their national identity as one, in order to reconcile Sudan with its diversity and realities, remember its own history and damaged identity as an anchor for all Sudanese and, transmit to young and future generations a legacy.

The challenge, was to create a museum where every layer of the population feels at home among such diversity of people land and culture, in order to develop a unique design language,and retrace the genocide perpetuated by Sudan’s own people whilst allowing a future of hope; to avoid transmitting implicit messages and choose objectiveness in narrating the story, to provide an educational-experiential process beneficial to everyone, and develop in every visitor a commitment to defending the fundamental values of tolerance among different realities. Least of all, use technology devices whilst preserving authenticity of documentation, to create a dictated wholeness (togetherness) between the interwoven central themes and cross themes, to let visitors view several layers of information simultaneously.

The concept paper involving sudanese artists in the inception of the museum presented the following :
Vision, benefit, audience, global layout, interacting areas, museum surface allocation, shopping mall surface allocation, levels of the museum & services, timeframe & relevance, sponsorship & patronage, revenues streams & breakdown, with marketing streams of actions.

GIA certified since 1982

Louvre Graduate since 1987

Senior Advisor and Expert of rare pieces in Art and Gemology
Regulatory Compliant Officer monitoring procedures for Art and Diamond trades
Museum Conceptor
Cultural Advisor & artists liaison
Academic Advisor for the website
Art advisor & liaison for LYYF Visual Art Center - China Songzhuang International Art Area, Bejing
Art historian
Writer of biographies and Digital Short Stories


Advisory services

•  Assessment of loose cut stones & jewelry

•  Rough diamond gem valuation (assessment of parcels homogeneity & quality)

•  Art diagnosis & first opinion with condition report

•  Art due diligence of provenance, traceability, validity and reliability of previous attributions

•  Final assessment on previous attributions provided with comprehensive report, sale catalogue or Art book

•  Exhibition to collectors and institutions in China, and the Middle East

•  Conception of cultural activities (blend of uniqueness, authenticity and trend)

•  Conception of a global cultural policy and modeling of iconic cultural tools (strategy and means of action with ramifications in development and marketing planning).

•  Advise top notch and cutting edge artists in their creative process and their respective art practices, and act as liaison in Europe and other countries to strategize their exposure.

Sylvie Samani Sylvie Samani

Limited edition of dresses with matching or stand alone accessories including gloves and hair accessories.

A fits all couture concept based on stretchable materials and pleats.

The materials mix includes silk chiffon, beaded pearls, ostrich feathers, satin duchesse, taffeta, silk velvet, organza, lace...

The pleats combine already pleated materials with added designed pleat.

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Drawings and prototypes were all made by Sylvie Samani
The selection of first sketches are not commented for obvious copyright reasons.

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