Museum Concept Paper

THE ART SCIENCE MUSEUM is designed to be the first High Tech Interactive Art Science Museum in the World complemented with unique Research , Electronic Learning and Trading facilities under one roof. Five unique doors of knowledge linked to one another like the five fingers of a same hand. Each door delivers a message of peace. The hand offers peace through knowledge that reconciles and unites on its premises the world around Art. Five doors made of Cristal for future generations to read the precious words engraved for ever.

One roof and label of excellence to connect, inspire, enrich and think Art differently.Giving leadership to digital reading and information using front edge technologies to make Art a consumable commodity, the museum will launch its own technology designed to create a link between the real object and virtual information. The devices track new forms of Art and trends, outpace existing techniques of conservation and promote artists like luxury brands while welcoming overseas emerging artists and trends.

The Museum is an initiator of Art Cognitive Technologies

With Techworld ©, an in house hub missionned to imagine new devices and adapt existing ones to improve Art Information, understanding, scrutiny and therapy, in view of commercializing its invented tools to other museums and galleries in the world as well as private collectors. ASM is the first museum offering an international Art Trading platform & Stock exchange. It relies for most of its sourcing on its own investment (Best Valuable Asset) state fund targeting (i) masterpieces and top pieces, (ii) emerging artists, and (iii) precious stones. It offers an unique service of Art science and finance federating private collectors, traders, investors, auctions houses bridging the gap between overseas investors and a State vision of a new knowledge – based economy. ASM is designed to federate private collectors and launch an Art Index, building a demand for Contemporary Art among overseas collectors who would not constitute safe portfolios without it. The Art index illustrates the fast growth pace in the welcoming State and the sustainability of its own economy. The necessary roadmap for launching an index acting as a hedge instrument to investors, relying on the opening of the first Art Rating Agency ever conceived by a museum. The Art Science Museum provides international institutional collectors and private collectors a safe window for their collection and for the first time confidential underground storage solutions, offering reliable check up care, and revolutionary nanotechnology applications within its laboratories. ASM is the first museum in the world to open to collectors its laboratories for check up analysis, differential diagnosis, research, Age simulations and treatments with a core expertise for modern and contemporary works of Art is provided with valuation reports.

Collectors and visitors discover the ageing process of Art and related therapies.

ASM widens the scope of application of Nanotechnology to Art and acquire worldwide reputation for innovation and research.

Its scope is to educate and transmit knowledge.ASM is the first museum to introduce a common multidimensional Art learning framework, adapted to specific learning age groups, federating other cultural projects in progress. By gaining undisputable legitimacy in transmitting knowledge, in a field where research is yet at an early stage, ASM is meant to be a major contributing tool for leadership position in the Art industry. Collectors, traders and visitors see Art as experts and scientists do, and learn Art well being and value with daring interactive display, sharp valuation and authentication, utmost conservation, tuned restoration, Art trading, Art shopping. They trade, shop, learn, connect and play on the Museum premises and on TV as well. It produces exportable valuable knowledge and imposes itself as the ideal platform to connect museums, universities, students, collectors, and investors from all over the world.
ASM is the first museum with a dedicated Interactive Art TV Channel combining a unique mix of Art science and Art finance It changes the visitor's attitude towards Art with chat rooms, virtual display space and interactive dialogues. ASM is the first museumselling its derivative products and sponsored artists in airports and international transit areas. With the vision of a universal cultural hub, the Art Science Museum changes the way people learn and share and will ease access to the roots of culture.

The country welcoming the ASM acquires unrivalled advance and radiance over other current Museum initiatives and becomes a powerful protector of Art and tomorrow’s technologies.

Scenography & display

the visitor will read the following data:

1 - Preliminary drawings - underdrawings

2 - Color pigments used by the artist - media mix

3 - Their slow migration in the canvas or the wood panel

4 - The ageing level : color change, fading, migrations and chemical reactions

5 - Adequate treatments to delay further degradation

6 - Restorations track record

7 - Research in progress by laboratories for each display