Regal Diamond Cup - Short Abstract

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Highly important and ostensible commissioned diplomatic gift of antique inspired shape. The cup is remarkable by its oriental taste, clock regulated by shaped cartouches with typical rococo flowing ornamental bearings: acanthus leaves, shells, scrolls, foliate motifs, serpentine lines...


The piece was intended to be offered to a royal personage to mark an outstanding event involving a triangle of opponent forces: The Habsburg Empire, Russia and the Ottoman Empire.


Chased and engraved (86%) gold, silver metal mounted rose cut facetted diamonds, one emerald, and 20 slices of bloodstone. Approximate weight : 302gr.


Rare secular celebration cup of exquisite rococo patterns profusely ornate with 282 diamonds.

Set on foot, with articulated cover and symmetrical handles. An intimate work of Art made to fit the size of a hand of barely 13,5cm height. Close to a jewel with moody shaped diamonds dominated by one single elegant emerald drop, thrown at the top. 100 carats of diamonds govern proudly a heavy 21karat elaborated mass of gold.

A fine unusual composite piece for collectors aware and appreciative of the startling combination of quiet and agitated rococo: showing a subtle double sided reading, a strong symbolism, ruled by playful duality, mirror effects and contrasted levels of engraving, chased reliefs, and subtle effects of dark and light, which are early signs of the dazzling touch of the Master.

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Similar to a crow the puzzling bird is made of three diamonds and some gold..

His favorite spot is in the center of the main cartouches where he is busy eating ripe sunflower seeds. Obviously indifferent to his surroundings, nothing seems to distract him in his solitary task, not even his double on the other side of the cup.

For the ancient Greeks, the crow was the preferred companion of the Sun god. Solar symbol, he appears and disappears, living image of the duality between light and darkness. Linked to wisdom but to death and destruction as well:
The darkness is enhanced by the intensive use of jasper and the contrasting of diamonds.

Sharp darkness contradicts white light.

Wisdom is light while death is diving into the darkness of the unknown.

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The emerald drop and the solar geometry of the cover

The Sun rays radiate warmth and life around the enhanced contemplative emerald. They trace the solar path, with diagonals and the roman numbers X and V...the V is easily read on both sides whilst the X remains unchanged.

Duality again between migrating forms and static ones. The goldsmith jeweler sings the happy mediation of the king inspired by the sacred green ray. The emerald and its color are particularly searched for in Russia and the Orient.

Regal diamond cup
Regal diamond cup


The cup of Peace presents a deliberate measured sequencing, coupled with mirror effects.

Both faces of the cup are identical and the recurring patterns echo one another providing a very articulated rhythm to the cup as precise as a clock, as expectable as the cycle of life, repeating endlessly itself. Each design and disposition meets its double in perfect symmetry with a rotating angle of 180°

Each cartouche bears its pending double and won't have it any other way.

The breaking up of space is similar to a music leaflet with loud or weak sounds played through subtle leveled engraved and chased flowers. Rotating balanced forms of main cartouches with lateral ones reproduce a garden scattered with flowerbeds; and moderate curved lines of the cartouches remind that overflowing is not tolerated unless controlled.

The playful creativity of the Master is not apparent in the drawing of the cartouches but in their floral content, curiously limited in its repetitive variety of flowers.


discharge – Owl and Swan on the cover and one of the handles.

French ones from the 19th century: they testify the official entry and way out.

Snuff boxes in Museums collections of foreign makers are frequently unmarked.